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Confidential Client Communication
Offer your clients a secure platform for sharing sensitive legal documents. Law firms can have multiple rooms open at once, restrict access to users and export audit logs.

Compliance is our priority - we are GDPR/HIPPA compliant.
Key Benefits for Legal Uses Cases
Customizable Data Rooms for Each Case
LockRoom allows you to open as many virtual data rooms as you need at no extra cost.

Whether you're handling M&A transactions, litigation, or corporate governance, LockRoom allows you to create a new virtual data room for each case.

How does LockRoom help Law Firms?

Frequently asked questions
If you have other questions, feel free to contact us.

A data room is a secure place to store and share business documents for M&A deals, fundraising, and other activities that require due diligence. Data rooms are also used by law firms and journalists for regulatory reasons.

Check out this blog post on “What is a Virtual Data Room?” if you want to learn more.

  1. Drag & drop your existing folder structures
  2. Add users by entering their email
  3. Give or restrict access to files

That is for you to decide! This Data Room Comparison Chart allows you to compare the top data room providers.

Anywhere from $300-$1,200/month.

Check out this blog post on “How Much Should a Virtual Data Room Cost?” if you want to learn more.

Virtual Data Rooms have features that other file sharing services do not:

  • Advanced Security Protocols for Compliance
  • Activity Tracking
  • Export Audit Logs
  • Export Data Room Indexes
  • Special Access Restrictions 
  • Watermarking for Documents
  • Version Control and Reversion

Make a good impression on your investors by having a solid due diligence folder structure and virtual data room index. 

Our Deal Templates show you how to set up your virtual data room for success with the proper folder structure. Every deal is different, but our templates will get you started out on the right foot.


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