Best Virtual Data Room Providers In 2024: Things You Should Look For 

Virtual data room providers offer secure online platforms for storing, managing, and sharing sensitive documents and data. These platforms serve as secure online platforms enabling businesses to store and exchange sensitive data. They are often used for business transactions such as startup fundraising, due diligence, etc. VDR platforms come equipped with essential features like encryption, user permissions, access log tracking, and integration capabilities with various tools that enable them to handle large volumes of data.

For startups grappling with the management of an increasing volume of confidential data, VDRs prove to be indispensable assets.

Beyond mere storage solutions, VDRs function as tools that can enhance crucial business operations for startups. Whether undertaking due diligence for mergers or acquisitions, engaging in fundraising activities, or facilitating board communications, a VDR streamlines these processes. It achieves this by offering a secure and accessible platform for collaborative document sharing.

However, it is crucial to note that not all virtual data rooms are created equal. The optimal VDR for startups should boast robust security features, user-friendly interfaces, dependable support, customizable options, and a solid market reputation. Additionally, factors such as potential costs, technical issues, user errors, and the learning curve associated with new software should be carefully considered.

Who Offers Data Room Services?

Virtual data room service providers are certified vendors of secure cloud software and document repositories. These providers adhere to essential digital standards to guarantee the security of business document flow. Due to the increasing demand from customers, the market is flooded with numerous virtual deal room services.

Developers are actively striving to enhance VDRs, surpassing basic file-sharing platforms like Google Drive. As a result, potential users must invest time in identifying the top virtual data room providers. These VDR providers offer advanced online spaces tailored to meet business requirements.

VDR vendors effectively address issues such as:

  1. Risks of data leaks
  2. Challenges related to technical aspects
  3. Disruptions in transaction processes

The services offered by VDR vendors are highly sought after today. Clients benefit from an electronic platform that facilitates:

  1. Secure data storage
  2. Protected data exchange
  3. Seamless and straightforward deal-making

VDR data room users span from small startup companies to globally recognized organizations. This broad usage is easily understandable, as the commitment of any business to security is independent of its field of activity.

Online data room providers offer a product that not only meets this pressing need but also addresses various other requirements. Deal room software typically provides a user-friendly platform with 24/7 access for authorized individuals. This enables the exchange of confidential documents and communication with colleagues, partners, and other involved parties at any time without concerns about leaks or other potential issues.

Key Features Of Virtual Data Room Software: Looking For An Effective VDR

It is likely that if you need to store private financial and business documents online, virtual data rooms are better than other file-sharing and storage services. But as you have looked into corporate document sharing and storage, you have probably encountered several virtual data providers competing for your business.

What are the best data room key features? A handful of the most crucial factors are listed below.

Robust Security

While it may seem like a given in the realm of virtual data rooms, emphasizing security is paramount. Given the sensitivity of corporate data and financials, choosing the right platform is non-negotiable.

Key security features to seek include 128 or 256-bit data encryption, audit logs, dynamic watermarks, two-factor authentication, data backups, SAS certification, tiered access levels, and customizable user permissions.

Furthermore, make sure the selected virtual data provider matches your precise security needs, bearing in mind that certain providers may require additional charges for features such as two-factor authentication, which is standard for many others.

User-Friendly Interface

The impact of complicated software on efficiency and potential delays cannot be understated. Historically, virtual data rooms were cumbersome and challenging to navigate. With the proliferation of data room providers, usability and accessibility have improved.

Prioritize platforms with features like drag-and-drop tools, bulk uploads, automatic logging, and web-based access. Assess the ease of the implementation process and consider opting for a free trial to gauge the actual ease of use before making a final decision.

Transparent Pricing Structure

Seek a pricing structure that aligns with your business needs. Be vigilant about any additional fees, such as those for extra storage, features, or users. Go beyond the monthly payment to understand the total cost. Additionally, inquire about ongoing fees after the expiration of the initial contract if you decide to continue using the data room.

Technical Support

Evaluate the type of support offered by the provider. Can you engage with an actual person? Is unlimited support an additional cost? Look for providers offering instructional videos and FAQs, and clarify the training in the data room.

Client Satisfaction

While any reputable data room provider will showcase satisfied clients on their website, delving deeper into their reputation is crucial. Explore aspects like cost, user-friendliness, and customer service. Independent comparison websites can offer unbiased insights into user experiences. During the purchasing phase, do not hesitate to request references from your data room provider before finalizing the agreement.

Best Virtual Data Room Providers

Let’s take a look at popular virtual data room providers as well as data room software comparisons below:


It is a prominent provider of virtual data rooms, offering a secure platform for sharing confidential documents online. With a vast user base of over 4,200 customers across 110 countries and over 20,000 new projects annually, it ranks among the most utilized VDRs globally.

Key features include seamless document uploading, automated indexing, robust digital rights management, and advanced Q&A tools. Firmex prioritizes security, implementing encryption, access controls, and compliance with industry standards.

This provider’s flexible pricing options cater to various needs, including unlimited subscriptions and pay-per-project models. However, pricing details are available upon request.

Widely recognized with a stellar reputationProvides robust security measuresOffers round-the-clock global supportFlexible pricing plans are availableThe learning curve for newcomersSome users may require time to adjust to the user interface

Notable Features

  • Streamlined document uploading and indexing
  • Advanced Q&A functionality
  • Strong security features such as encryption and access controls
  • Customizable and integrable with existing company systems and workflows


This virtual data room is designed to securely organize documents and optimize M&A transactions. Their platform facilitates efficient document management within a protected online repository. Noteworthy features include bulk AI redaction, file self-destruction, and AI-driven insights for predicting deal outcomes. Their deal workflow tool consolidates all transaction activities for seamless collaboration among teams and advisors.

Pricing is adaptable, offering straightforward SaaS plans to accommodate diverse requirements and budgets, with starter plans (250 MB) priced between $240 and $399 monthly.

                  Advantages                Disadvantages
AI insights for predicting deal outcomesRole-based Q&A and notification capabilitiesFlexible pricing options24/7 customer supportInterface complexity may pose challenges for some usersCertain features might be excessive for smaller transactions

Notable Features

  • Bulk AI redaction for documents
  • File self-destruct functionality
  • Deal workflow tool for centralized collaboration
  • Role-based Q&A functionality and comprehensive reporting features


It offers a virtual data room solution designed for collaborative work on business documents, particularly for M&A transactions. With a setup time of just 15 minutes, this user-friendly VDR accommodates a wide array of devices and file formats, which eliminates the need for additional plugins. 

Robust security measures such as encryption, watermarks, and two-factor authentication safeguard documents within the platform. Innovative features like a secure spreadsheet viewer and activity reports on document views enhance usability.

IDeals provides round-the-clock, multilingual assistance through live chat and email, as well as dedicated project managers for customer support. Competitive pricing ensures accessibility, with pro plans starting at approximately $460 monthly.

                    Advantages                  Disadvantages
Quick deployment and ease of useCompatibility with various devices and file formatsStrong security features24/7 customer supportPricing may be prohibitive for small businessesSome users may find the interface less intuitive

Notable Features

  • Secure spreadsheet viewer
  • Activity reports on document views
  • Robust encryption, watermarks, and two-factor authentication
  • Support for various devices and file formats


The Intralinks VDRPro is virtual data room software designed to securely share documents during M&A transactions and due diligence processes. It includes features such as advanced deal preparation, simplified user invitations, AI-powered redaction, insights dashboards, and seamless integration with Zoom for video conferencing.

The platform is geared towards expediting deals by automating setup, employing preconfigured workflows, and providing insights to identify potential buyers. It ensures a highly secure environment for sharing sensitive deal documents, offering granular user permissions and controls.

Advanced deal preparation and AI-powered redactionInsights dashboard and integration with Zoom for video conferencingSimplified user invitation processHighly secure environment for confidential document sharingPricing details not readily availablePotential learning curve for new users

Notable Features

  • Automated setup and preconfigured workflows
  • Granular user permissions and controls
  • Mobile access for convenient usage anytime, anywhere
  • 24/7 customer support

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